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Pay for whole series: 
          3-week series for $36, 4 weeks for $48
          A place is reserved for you for the whole series.       

Pro-rating - for scheduled absences:
  • 3 weeks for $36, 2 weeks for $24, 1 for $12
  • Give dates when series starts and your spot will be reserved for you on those dates      

Pay for each class:
  • $14 per class. Call ahead to be sure there is room for you on that date, and so a place can be set out for you.  

Try a class - and pay at the end of the hour:
  • ​Come to class the first week of an intro series 
  • (call ahead to make sure there's room)
  • If you decide to take the series, pay the full series rate
  • If you take just the one class - pay $14
Please call ahead to arrange it, whichever option you choose!!
Space is limited, so a class may be full.  
You can reserve a spot weeks in advance, or you can call that morning to see if there's room!
Call 859-420-5927
Classes are designed to be done on an ongoing weekly year-round basis. 
Several times a year, these on-going classes are open to new students - in order to give them a chance to see if it is something they want to add to their general wellness routine.